Monday, February 11, 2013

Garden Stats

About a year ago I made a rather abrupt transition, in terms of employment and identity, from Nanny-Educator-Flower-Child to Computer-Geek.  It was a bumpy ride, but here I am, facing the 2013 growing season with a new skill set and identity.

OOOKKK it's not ALL new.  I am kind of a Computer-Geek-Flower-Child.

So I am building an App to track my gardening activities this year.  It is under construction, but I plan to be able to track all kind of things relating to crop types, varieties I am planting, harvest details, and perhaps location and weather data.

For now, here is a chart of some crops and varieties that I grow, grouped by genus.
(Not all my varieties have been entered; this is just a sample)

If you were going to track and chart your garden, what would you include?

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